It was ridiculous to talk about the smell of snow. It was just pure frozen water. But Tiffany always knew, when she woke up, if it had snowed in the night. Snow had a smell like the taste of tin. Tin did have a taste, although admittedly it tasted like the smell of snow. — Terry Pratchett, “The Wee Free Men” (via twin-city-ankh-and-morpork)
It was in the nature of the universe that the person who always keeps you waiting ten minutes will, on the day you are ten minutes tardy, have been ready ten minutes early and will make a point of not mentioning this. The Fifth Elephant, Terry Pratchett, p. 11 (via myprivatelibrary)


Here we go, another part of the series :)

Terry Pratchett + tumblr posts part 3 (part 1 Hogfather | part 2 Lancre Coven)

The Colour of Magic (2008)

The people of Ankh are of a practical persuasion, and felt that the Patrician’s edict forbidding all street theatre and mime artists made up for a lot of things. He didn’t administer a reign of terror, just the occasional light shower. — Terry Pratchett, “Sourcery” (via twin-city-ankh-and-morpork)

Stephen Fry said it, therefore it must be true!

Every British teenager arguing about trivia with their parents

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Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?

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You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 


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